Installation, Wash, And Care Guide

How To Install Your Hush Blanket

Step 1. 
Turn the mink cover inside out to expose the zipper along the 3edges edge. 
Step 2. 
Lay the inner weighted blanket on a flat surface to expose the zipper edges. 
Step 3. 
Lay the inside out mink cover over the weighted blanket and line up the zippers. Connect them and zip it all the way around! 
Step 4. 
When zippers are zipped, flip the blanket outside-in. When flipped, zip the zipper on the cover and Enjoy! 

Wash & Care

 Step 1. 
Open the zipper and remove the inner weight.
Make sure to unzip the inner blanket from the cover first.
Step 2.
Place the cover in the wash and use soft detergent.  
We recommend a cold wash and hang dry! 
Please avoid tumble dry. 
To Clean Weighted Layer
We recommend hand washing the inner layer to avoid any potential rips or tears to the weighted pockets. 
Hang to dry between two chairs. Enjoy your fresh blanket a few hours later!